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Maximize Your Oxygen Bleach Performance by Using Less!

The Gurtler Innovation Team has perfected synergistic chemistry, a process that actually creates more cleaning power while using less total chemistry. A revolutionary development in a world where using less water, less time, less energy, and lower temperatures, is the new standard.

Gurtler’s Synergy Technology utilizes a synergistic activator that energizes your oxygen bleach, thus enhancing performance as much as two times the expected level.

Gurtler’s Synergy Technology
…delivering more with less:

  • Proven Superior Results

    • Whiter Whites
    • Improved Stain Removal
    • Longer Linen Life
  • Sustainability Benefits

    • Lower Tempuratures
    • Reduced Water Usage
    • Increased Production
    • Enhanced Bottom Line
  • Hygienically Cleaned Textiles

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