Gurtler – The Laundry Chemical Product Experts

Gurtler has a broad range of products designed for the specific conditions of every laundry operation. From the heavy greases and oils in the uniform market, to the special soils in the healthcare market, we have the line that meets your performance criteria. From the unique soils in the restaurant and hospitality markets to collar stains in the shirt laundry market, Gurtler has your solution. All Products Click on the links below for for more information on our products:
  • Work*Clean Team: Newest addition to the Gurtler product line, specifically designed for the tough stains and soils of the industrial uniform market. Utilizes a synergistic blend of eco-friendly surfactants.
  • Magi-Clens: Removes Hibiclens stains before they are set! Check out this patented technology.
  • Power Line: Powerful team of products designed for the linen supply market.
  • Power Release: Unique soil-release technology protects your textiles and makes soil removal easier, saving water and energy resources.
  • Pulse Line: Designed for the unique soils of the healthcare market. Specially designed for the fast-action of tunnel washing systems.
  • geLINE: Gurtler’s exclusive green line of detergents. Formulated to meet the latest standards of the EPA’s Safer Detergent Stewardship Initiative (SDSI).
  • Gurtler Rx: A specialized solution for healthcare laundry to eliminate contamination.
  • Alkalis: Liquids or powders, Gurtler has the alkali that performs best in your conditions.
  • Bleaches: Every bleach technology available to meet your requirements.
  • Detergents: Specialized detergents for every condition, soil type, soil load, fabric and washing equipment.
  • Softeners: A unique line of softeners from traditional technology to advanced silicone technology.
  • Sours: Heavy-duty to iron-controlling sours, Gurtler has the solution.
  • Specialties: Grease removers, water conditioning agents, starches, bac-stats and more. Gurtler has all the bases covered.
  • Wastewater Division: Innovative, cost-saving solutions for the chemical treatment of wastewater and water reuse systems.
  • Endura-Fresh: The latest in fabric softener technology: Luxurious softness with an enduring subtle, fresh fragrance.