A New Horizon in Green Laundry Technology

GE Line Logo The Gurtler geLINE™ offers a wide range of products and services that help laundry operations to be more energy efficient, conserve resources and have a lower environmental impact

geLINE™ Features

  • New surfactant technology that meets the requirements of the US EPA Safer Detergent Stewardship Initiative (SDSI) for improved biodegradability.
  • Low temperature formulations designed to work efficiently at reduced temperatures, saving energy.
  • Low and no phosphate detergents and builders for limited discharge to the waste stream to help maintain surface water quality.
  • Enzyme based detergents that reduce the need for bleaches for stain removal.
  • Oxygen and activated oxygen bleaching as a practical alternative to chlorine. Reduces potential chlorine compounds in wastewater.
  • Concentrated product technology so a little product goes a long way, reducing delivery frequency and saving transportation costs.
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Along with new product development, Gurtler Industries excels in technical service to help our customers achieve maximum efficiency. Our experienced service personnel work to design optimized wash formulas that balance productivity, chemical levels, water requirements, and energy usage with overall quality. They also perform routine equipment audits in the laundry to make sure that critical components are functioning as needed. Energy audits are also performed to evaluate the amount of energy used in the overall washing process. Other audits include dryer energy issues, loading factors and rinsing efficiency.



Concentrated liquid laundry detergent formulated with a synergistic blend of biodegradable nonionic surfactants providing a superb cleaning action on blends of cottons and polyester. It is specially formulated with fast wetting detergents for the fast-action washing requirements in tunnel washing systems. Especially effective on spun poly fabrics and over a wide temperature range (100°F – 160°F).


Excellent heavy-duty low temperature detergent designed to emulsify and lift away the oils greases in industrial operations. Our highly concentrated, unique blend of biodegradable nonionic surfactants is balanced for lower wash temperatures, but has a broad effective temperature range from 100-160°F. Works great on spun polyester fabrics. Excellent grease emulsifying power. Brightens colors and whitens whites.


A clear, pale blue balanced formulation consisting of a special blend of biodegradable nonionic emulsifiers and a mild organic solvent to facilitate the removal of oil, greases, and imbedded soils from all launderable fabrics including polyester blends. Can be paired with geLINE GREEN to provide a fast wetting-grease fighting one-two punch.


An enzyme activated detergent, very effective in removing insoluble soil particles and protein-based soils at temperatures up to 140°F. Excellent for use in healthcare applications. The biodegradable surfactants provide rapid wetting, emulsification, soil removal, and controlled foaming. The proprietary enzyme blend combines several soil-specific enzymes to act on a wide range of stains. Excellent low temperature stain removal when combined with NDT PerAction, our activated oxygen bleach.


An extremely effective blend of renewable solvents and biodegradable nonionic surfactants that works exceptionally well on all emulsifiable soils and greases. Its Citrus-based solvent has the added benefits of being GRAS (generally regarded as safe) while imparting a pleasant orange-citrus fragrance. Effective as a detergent or as an emulsifier additive.


A non-phosphate water conditioning and soil suspension agent which ties up water hardness ions, allowing the detergent to freely react with soils embedded in the textiles. Our unique chelant combination suspends soils and helps prevent them from redepositing on the fabric during the rinsing process, improving whiteness.


An excellent, concentrated liquid fabric softener, formulated with a biodegradable softening agent, derived from sustainable chemical feedstocks. Provides excellent softening and controls static for superior hand or fabric feel.


A concentrated liquid laundry sour provides high neutralization with a mild non-corrosive acid. Specially designed as a non-corrosive final rinse additive for use in tunnel washers or continuous batch washers. Derived from a renewable, sustainable resource.

Gurtler Industries is a charter member of the Laundry ESP program.
We Provide Information & Expertise Vital to the Success of the Program.