Specialty Laundry Chemical Lines

Gurtler specialty laundry chemical lines have been through vigorous testing to provide the best results to our clients.


Our Products

Power Block

Unique builder and conditioner with polymeric soil suspension additives. High active phosphates and polymers help penetrate soils, emulsify greases and oils, and brighten fabrics.

NDT Conditioner

A concentrated, complex phosphate-based water softening agent and detergent booster. Ties up hardness ions so that soap or detergent will function fully under adverse water conditions. Excellent for iron control in bleaching operations. Excels in albumin-protein soil removal. Highly effective for use in continuous batch tunnel washers.

NDT Neutra-Clor

A fast-acting liquid antichlor for neutralization of all residual chlorine. Prevents acid bleach damage to linen, thus increasing the service life of the processed fabric. A must for continuous batch tunnel washers using chlorine bleach.

NDT Glow

A highly active additive designed to maximize whiteness with fluorescent whitening agents. Restores the “like new” white and bright look of textiles, maximizing their use-life.


Specially formulated wet-wash detergent designed for all textiles. Special color stabilizers and brighteners keep colors bright and whites white.

NDT Envirozyme

Enzyme activated detergent for broad use. Good for blood-soil removal and for food-soil stains. Highly active with excellent surfactant blend for maximized oily soil removal, too.

NDT Liquid Krizp

Liquid starch and sizing agent. A combination product with the best of both worlds: A natural starch for good hand and a polymeric sizing agent for good stiffness.

NDT Formal

All natural liquid starch for automatic injection systems.


An excellent performing natural blended powdered starch with wheat and corn starch. Excellent fabric stiffness performance and smoothness of hand.

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