Gurtler’s NEW UV Technology Raises the Bar in Achieving Whiter, Hygienically Clean Textiles!

The innovative, patented, EPA registered Vis-Tex Tunnel UV System utilizes the latest UV technology to capture and treat press water, reducing the need for fresh water and energy while improving linen quality and reducing rewash. UV technology combined with advanced oxidation technology provides extraordinary microbial decontamination, assuring hygienically clean textiles. Vis-Tex Tunnel UV System benefits:
  • UV plus advanced oxidation technology provides microbial decontamination, assuring hygienically clean textiles.
  • Powerful oxidizers deliver bright, white textiles, and provide excellent stain removal, reducing rewash.
  • Water and energy savings from enhanced reuse water quality and production efficiencies.
All backed up by Gurtler’s Expert Service Team!

The Vis-Tex Tunnel UV Systems are designed specifically for commercial tunnel washer application. The control panel has the ability to monitor and log system performance, such as water flows, lamp life, utility usage, UV dose, and more. With automatic maintenance reminders, you will never miss a scheduled preventative maintenance task. The system is WIFI enabled for remote connectivity to view and monitor system status from your smart phone, tablet, or PC.
  • Touch Screen HMI Interface with remote communication tool for real time data acquisition
  • Digital water flow meter with LCD display and alarming function
  • Integrated vac validation
  • Clog-resistant venturi for increased flow with viewing sight glass
  • 316L Stainless Steel reactor construction for all wetted surfaces with standard electro-polish finish (Ra40 Standard, Ra15 Optional)
  • State-of-the-art electronic ballast provides variable output to regulate lamp intensity for power savings
  • Small, flexible reactor footprint with L reactor flow pattern for simplicity
  • Single end UV lamp and quartz sleeve for ease of service
  • Choice of Inlet / Outlet Connection size (ANSI and Sanitary Ferrule)