Gurtler’s NEW UV Technology Raises the Bar in

Achieving Whiter, Hygienically Clean Textiles!

Commercial UV Laundry System

Vis•Tex Tunnel UV System is a patented, EPA-registered system that utilizes UV disinfection technology revolutionizing the commercial laundry industry and delivering the highest standards of clean and bioburden control.

The Vis-Tex Tunnel UV System creates an advanced oxidation reaction that treats press water before returning it back into the laundering process.


  • UV plus advanced oxidation technology provides microbial decontamination, assuring hygienically clean textiles.
  • Powerful oxidizers deliver bright, white textiles, and provide excellent stain removal, reducing rewash.
  • Water and energy savings from enhanced reuse water quality and production efficiencies.

All backed up by Gurtler’s Expert Service Team!

Gurter’s Vis•Tex Tunnel UV Systems are designed specifically for commercial tunnel washer application. The control panel has the ability to monitor and log system performance, such as water flows, lamp life, utility usage, UV dose, and more. With automatic maintenance reminders, you will never miss a scheduled preventative maintenance task. The system is WIFI enabled for remote connectivity to view and monitor system status from your smart phone, tablet, or PC.