Endura-Fresh features a long-lasting, subtle fragrance combined with excellent softening that keeps your bed linens and towels luxuriously soft and fresh for days. Our secret is the unique fragrance nano-technology that allows the fresh scent to survive the drying and ironing processes in your plant, only to be released when the textiles are in use. Fresh smelling towels for your discerning hospitality customers will make your offering unique, and a step ahead of your competition!
The Technology  
Typical fragranced laundry additives have a very high fragrance level, but most, if not all of that fragrance is driven from the treated fabrics during the drying process. Our unique technology encapsulates the fragrance in microscopic beads, trapping the fragrance and keeping it from evaporating in the heat of the dryer or the ironer. And the micro-beads protect the fragrance in the fabric even in storage until the item is ready to be put into use. The micro-beads are very brittle and when the textile is put in use, light mechanical action like the rubbing of a towel on your face releases the fragrance. The micro-beads are invisible to the naked eye and you may think that the amount of fragrance released is too little to be noticeable but the sense of smell is very sensitive, and it takes only a few parts per million in the air for the nose to detect the fragrance.
Endura-Fresh is the newest innovation in fabric softening technology. Endura-Fresh features softening ingredients that deliver luxuriously soft, fluffy towels and linens, with no yellowing or build-up on the fabric, with the added feature of a fresh, long-lasting, subtle fragrance. Our new fragrance technology is a major advancement in the market, and only available from Gurtler Industries.  

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