Laundry Alkalis

The laundry alkalis from Gurtler provides proven results after each use.



Power Jolt

Highly active alkaline builder with polymeric soil suspension additives. Reduces soil redeposition. Breaks down fats and greases and rinses quickly.

Power Guard

A concentrated, highly efficient, silicated liquid alkaline builder for use with Gurtler liquid feed systems. Power Guard aids detergency and improves soil and stain removal for all types of soil conditions.

Pulse Ultra

Combination alkali and conditioner for superior soil suspension. A unique blend of polymers enhances soil removal and prevents soil Redeposition. No need for extra water conditioning products with soft to medium hard water quality.

NDT Super-Sil #100

A concentrated, highly efficient, silicated liquid builder for use with Gurtler liquid feed system. The active alkalinity and silicate formulation provides the maximum saponification and emulsifying action necessary for aiding detergency.



A superior alkaline builder containing solvents and anti-redeposition agents for reducing stains and increasing detergency, soil suspension and whiteness. Excellent solubility properties make this the builder of choice for stock solution.


safe alkaline builder. Excellent for use on institutional and linen supply soils. Aids detergency, raises pH, improves soil and stain removal. High active alkalinity for the most economical usage.