magic-Clens_Logo_Final Gurtler Industries has solved the old problem of CHG stained textiles with our revolutionary laundry additive, Magi-Clens™. It removes CHG stains, prevents CHG stains from being permanently set on textiles and allows laundries to utilize chlorine bleach for stain removal.

The Solution to The Pink Monster

As more and more pressure is put on healthcare facilities to reduce Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), increased use of Chlorhexidine Gluconate (CHG) products is seen as one of the best methods to control the spread of infections. Our industry is facing more and more CHG usage, and more CHG staining potential. Gurtler’s exclusive, patent pending technology is a major breakthrough in healthcare laundry technology. Magi-Clens™ is a proven product that will eliminate the dreaded permanent orange-brown stains that are created by residue of Hibiclens, Chlora-Prep or similar CHG skin sanitizer products when they are laundered with chlorine bleaches. Importantly, with the use of Magi-Clens, healthcare laundries can safely use chlorine bleach which is universally recognized by healthcare infection control professionals as a reliable, proven anti-microbial that effectively decontaminates healthcare textiles. With the change to chlorine bleach from hydrogen peroxide bleaches, laundries can also reduce wash temperatures and lower energy costs. View our healthcare supplement study Here.
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How Does Magi-Clens™ Work?

How Magi-Clens Works:

Magi-Clens™ is a prewash additive, used in the first flush/wash cycle in a washer extractor or the prewash zone of a tunnel. It is designed to penetrate and neutralize fresh or new CHG stains and lift them completely away from the textile. After the first wash operation, the process transitions into a normal wash that removes the rest of the common soils encountered in a healthcare laundry.
Many healthcare laundries have converted to hydrogen peroxide bleach to eliminate CHG stains. But oxygen bleach doesn’t fully remove CHG, it only decolorizes the stains, leaving behind an “invisible” stain that unfortunately can reappear as a permanent brown stain as soon as the textile is exposed to chlorine bleach. Lab tests have shown that these invisible stains can persist in the textile for up to ten laundering cycles before they are fully removed with traditional laundry chemistry. Magi-Clens removes CHG stains in one wash!

Magi-Clens Demo:

Our Gurtler technical support team has tested Magi-Clens in a wide variety of healthcare laundry operations; testing in washer- extractors and several types of tunnels with great success. Your Gurtler technician can review your operation and recommend the exact wash formula for your specific conditions.

Benefits of Magi-Clens

  • Magi-Clens removes fresh CHG stains completely and eliminates the potential development of permanent CHG stains.
  • Easy to use and set up! Magi-Clens is a concentrated liquid that is easy to pump and inject through any system.
  • Lower energy usage when you convert from peroxide to chlorine bleach.
  • Improved textile use-life with a reduction in loss due to permanent CHG stains. Even laundries using oxygen bleach can have these problems if they use chlorine bleach in their rewash or stain cycles.
  • Infection Control professionals recognize chlorine bleach as a proven anti-microbial and decontaminant versus hydrogen peroxide.