Gurtler Power Line

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Gurtler’s Power Line has the reserve to take on the challenging soils of industrial uniform and linen supply operations. Textiles and garments made with today’s synthetic fibers require advanced chemical technology for winning results. The Power Line delivers a solid punch to power out tough soils, while still being gentle on your textiles and garments, assuring long-term performance.

The Gurtler Power Line of specialty laundry chemicals gets the job done – even in the toughest of arenas.

Power Line

Chemical products that deliver the results you need:

  • Specially formulated for today’s unique conditions, fabrics, and soils.
  • Formulated to “knock-out” greases and oils.
  • Unique surfactants and polymers help speed cleaning, even at reduced temperatures.
  • High surfactant cleaning for tough-but-gentle performance.
  • All managed for automatic injection with the proven Gurtler GRIP system.

Power Line™ Products

Power Jolt

Highly active alkaline builder with polymeric soil suspension additives. Reduces soil redeposition. Breaks down fats and greases and rinses quickly.

Power Guard

A concentrated, highly efficient, silicated liquid low-alkaline builder for use with Gurtler liquid feed systems. Aids detergency and improves soil and stain removal for all types of soil conditions. Best suited for uniform and industrial laundry applications.

Power Drive

Excellent low temperature detergent that works great on spun polyester fabrics and polyester blends. Designed for maximum grease-penetrating power even at 120F wash temperatures.

Power Surge

Super-concentrated detergent for linen. High surfactant blend, designed for spun polyester linens. Works well even in low temperatures.

Power Blast

Special blend of surfactants designed for the oils and greases in an industrial laundry. Unique “wetting” technology quickly penetrates oils for easier removal.

Power Forward

Concentrated low temperature detergent that works great on spun polyester fabrics and polyester blends. Excellent grease emulsifying power.

Power Block

Unique builder and conditioner with polymeric soil suspension additives. High active phosphates and polymers help penetrate soils, emulsify greases and oils, and brighten fabrics.

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