Vis-Tex Auto Tank Refill

VisTex Auto Tank Fill System Logo Introducing Gurtler’s Newest System for Automated Bulk Chemical Installations. Gurtler’s newest addition to our Vis-Tex equipment family is exclusively developed by our engineering team to meet the stringent safety requirements for bulk chemical handling systems. Our Vis-Tex Auto Tank Fill System can handle up to eight unique day tanks, adaptable to any tank size and configuration. Plus, the system will monitor your bulk tank levels and alert you and your Gurtler representative when it’s time to reorder chemicals. With unique sonic sensors our fully integrated system measures tank levels within 4mm for extremely accurate readings. Plus, the sonic sensors never touch liquid chemicals, so there is no chance or corrosion or clogging to interfere with the sensor. Additionally, our special app allows you to monitor your system via your smart phone, tablet or desk-top computer.
Safer – Automatic transfer from bulk to day tanks. Never experience a chemical spill with our triple redundancy overflow monitors: (1) Sonic Sensor, (2) back-up level switch, and (3) programmable maximum pump timer. Reliable – Live monitoring of tank levels with e-mail or text alerts. Automatic alerts for bulk chemical reorder points. Virtually maintenance-free system. Versatile – Capable of handing eight bulk and day tanks. Adaptable to all tanks, sizes and configurations.
VisTex Auto Tank Fill System