How healthy is your laundry? Time for a check up?

Gurtler Rx is your prescription for healthcare laundry success!

Healthcare laundries are under tremendous scrutiny to provide hygienically clean, sanitized, or disinfected textiles in the most cost-effective manner. The Gurtler Rx Program is your solution to achieving both objectives. Backing the program is Gurtler’s long-standing industry reputation as the Healthcare Experts at setting hygienically clean standards, and as a leader in serving healthcare tunnel operations across North America. The Gurtler field service team brings unmatched expertise to solve healthcare laundry concerns. And with more focus on the need for hygienically clean healthcare textiles, they have redoubled their efforts to continually upgrade Gurtler’s laundry products and services, creating better, timelier solutions. These efforts result in more cost-effective solutions for the healthcare laundry as proved by the numerous successes Gurtler has had in the market over the last two years Here’s what the program provides you:
  • Consultation: Comprehensive review of your laundry’s goals and processes.
  • Diagnosis: Gurtler Rx Expert surveys, runs tests, and identifies critical control points at your laundry.
  • Prescription: Recommend processes, products and procedures that help you achieve your goals.
  • Validation: Bacteriological testing of process water, textiles and hard surfaces to ensure treatment is effective.

The Gurtler Rx Program takes in the entirety of each laundry operation. Plus, Gurtler has additional expertise and capabilities that span the spectrum of healthcare laundry operational needs.

The newest addition to the Gurtler Rx Program is the Vis-Tex Tunnel UV System. This innovative, patented, EPA registered system utilizes the latest UV technology to treat recycled water. It reduces the need for fresh water and energy while improving linen quality and reducing rewash. UV technology combined with advanced oxidation technology and specialized chemical applications provides extraordinary microbial decontamination in the final rinse of your tunnel, a critical first step in assuring hygienically clean healthcare textiles. Vis-Tex Tunnel UV System benefits:  Vis-Tex Tunnel UV System benefits:
  • UV plus advanced oxidation process provides microbial decontamination, assuring hygienically clean textiles.
  • Powerful oxidizers deliver bright, white textiles, and provide excellent stain removal, reducing rewash.
  • Water and energy savings from enhanced reuse water quality and production efficiencies.
Laundries that participate in the Gurtler Rx Program receive a comprehensive consultation with a treatment specialist. This specialist is an expert in assessing your current operation and future needs. Whether a laundry operation is looking to enhance current services, obtain third-party certification, or venture into the market for the first time, the Gurtler Rx program will prescribe the right pathways. The initial consultation is followed with:
  • A full battery of bacteriological testing of final rinse water, textiles, and hard surfaces
  • Identification of critical control points in the laundry process where contamination can occur
  • A tailored treatment plan with recommendations for wash formulas, product application techniques and validation procedures
  • Scheduled follow-up to verify results and ensure compliance with any certification standards or programs

Here are some of the products or programs that are available for our specialists to assure that your textile’s microbiological quality meets your standards:

Validox Plus and Validox:
When assured disinfection is the goal, a recommended product for many facilities is Validox Plus. This EPA-registered peracetic acid laundry disinfectant and sanitizer is certified to kill/reduce bacteria by 99.9999%. This premium biocide from Gurtler controls such common microorganisms as Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Used alone or in combination with other Gurtler solutions, it validates laundered healthcare linens and garments as TRSA-certified Hygienically Clean, and in full compliance with other microbial laboratory measures. 
Power Stat Plus:
Helps ensure that your textiles are protected from microbial contamination. Power Stat Plus was developed specifically for application in tunnel washers. The first new development in antimicrobial final rinse additives in decades, Power Stat Plus is the fastest acting product on the market. An EPA registered laundry sanitizer, residual self-sanitizer and residual bacteriostat, Power Stat Plus helps assure that your textiles are protected from microbial contamination, even in storage. Gurtler’s Unique Dual-Bleaching Technology: With the use of Oxcellerate, a unique oxygen bleach activator, in combination with hydrogen peroxide, we can increase anti-microbial efficacy and help you achieve your Hygienically Clean target. 
Mint D-3:
Disinfects in 3 minutes! An EPA registered concentrated one-step hospital use disinfectant, when use as directed, that is effective against a broad spectrum of bacteria, is virucidal (including HIV-1, the AIDS virus, Hepatitis B virus, and Hepatitis C virus), fungicidal, and inhibits the growth of mold and mildew, and their odors. Mint D-3 is formulated for use in daily maintenance programs with a balance of detergents and malodor counteractants. Combined, they deliver effective cleaning, disinfecting and malodor control. Use Mint D-3 on washable hard, non-porous surfaces. Use as a detergent/sanitizer/disinfectant for any Critical Control Points in healthcare laundry operations such as: laundry cart washing systems, textile conveyor belts, outer door surfaces of washer/extractors, and any other clean textile contact points. 
From receipt of soil linen to the patient’s experience, Gurtler Rx has you covered, with proven solutions that will deliver premium quality results to your customers and your bottom line.  

Gurtler Rx is the right prescription to establish your laundry as a premier provider of healthcare linens.

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