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The Work•Clean Team’s low alkaline technology delivers superior results without the use of harsh caustic chemicals. And with proven performance on the toughest industrial soils it is also ideal for food and beverage laundries. Low-alkaline washing promotes textile longevity, eliminates effluent pH compliance issues and prevents hardness build-up for fabric softness. Work•Clean specialty detergent utilizes advanced multi-surfactant technology to penetrate, lift and emulsify the toughest greasy soils. Work•Smart is a conditioner specially designed to lift and suspend soils making the washing process more effective. Work•Fast is a concentrated alkali for the limited needs for the toughest soil classifications like bar towels or mechanics wipers.

Gurtler Lab Results

Photo on the left shows traditional high alkaline technology and how it reacts with (from left to right) graphite, iron oxide and water hardness. See how the graphite and iron oxide has settled to the bottom of the graduated cylinders and imagine that material settling on otherwise clean textiles. The photo on the right shows Gurtler’s Work•Smart advanced, low alkaline technology. Note how Work•Smart suspends the graphite and iron oxide, even after 24 hours. Additionally, note how the water in the beaker, in the photo on right, is crystal clear, as all the hardness is chemically isolated and kept in solution, versus the cloudy beaker in the photo on the left.

Case Studies

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