Laundry Bleaches

Gurtler provides bleach for your company’s laundry requirements. With several high-powered options to choose from, we have you covered.



NDT Bleach Plus

An economical bleach for use with Gurtler liquid feed systems. NDT Bleach Plus is formulated for high stability.

NDT Oxy Bleach Plus

A maximum power liquid oxygen bleach that is safe on most colored garments. Whitens, brightens and removes stains. Because it works best at high alkalinity, this product is especially suited for continuous batch tunnel washers.

NDT PerAction

An activated oxygen bleach based on peracetic acid technology. NDT PerAction delivers all the advantages of oxygen bleaching, such as elimination of Hibiclens stains and reduced linting and chemical deterioration of textiles, plus the added advantage of low temperature activity. NDT PerAction can equal the performance of traditional oxygen bleaches at 120-140°F, reducing energy demands.



A safe isocyanurate organic dry bleach. Promoted with sodium tripolyphosphate and inorganic salts. Sequesters iron and removes stains. This product dissolves rapidly and completely, providing a uniform high chlorine availability throughout the bleach cycle.


A multi-faceted product formulated so that the effective bleaching and stain removal characteristics are synergistic with the detergency and whitener capabilities. Safe, non-chlorine bleach and whitener for polyester/cotton fabrics.

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