“Gurtler Industries has a broad base of expertise in tunnel washing systems and how to make them perform at peak efficiency,” says Rick Kislia, Chief Operating Officer, Crescent Laundry. “From the top on down the Gurtler team is tuned into our industry and our needs. Our quality has improved significantly with Gurtler’s program – and their expertise goes beyond chemistry. Gurtler’s new technology reduces water and energy usage in our tunnel washers, helps manage our costs and reduces our environmental impact.”

– Rick Kislia, Chief Operating Officer, Crescent Laundry Inc.

At Gurtler, we have more customers with tunnel washers than our competitors. Our goal is not only to keep up with the latest tunnel washing technology, but to provide solid customer support and to create some of the most advanced chemical and injection systems available in the commercial laundry business today. When it comes to laundry chemical products for tunnel washing systems Gurtler has the vision.