Gurtler’s Vis-Tex Tunnel UV System is a game-changer! Since the installation of the Gurtler Vis-Tex Tunnel UV System on our tunnel at our Columbia, Illinois facility, our rewash percentage has dropped to 1.2%, an amazing improvement in water and energy usage, and the quality is great! Cutting the cycle time in the tunnel from 100 seconds to 90 seconds, will increase tunnel our productivity, increasing the number of loads per hour by almost 20%, and will have major benefits to textile life, further reducing our operational costs.”

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The Work•Clean technology is fantastic! We have documented major improvements in productivity and a reduction of water usage since the previous competitor’s version of low-alkaline, high-surfactant technology was replaced by Gurtler’s Work•Clean Team. We’ve documented an 8.1% increase in productivity, 12.5% reduction in water usage, and 29.9% improvement in gas usage.”

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– Frank Gagne, VP Operations, Crown Linen Services, Inc. Columbia, IL

Gurtler Industries is proud to be a trusted partner with Crown Linen Service, a renowned provider of premium-quality linen and facility services for over 130 years. Crown Linen Service caters to a wide array of sectors, including the restaurant, hospitality, and healthcare industries in Missouri and Illinois.