February 29th, 2024

Southern Oregon Linen Services: “The VisTex UV innovations have helped lower our plant’s water usage rate to an average of .52 gallons per lb.”

SOLS website image Gurtler Industries is pleased that our trusted partner Southern Oregon Linen Services (SOLS) was the featured plant in the TRSA publication Textile Services’ February 2024 issue. The article focuses on SOLS blend of winning workforce and production strategies through the eyes of Antonio Casillas, general manager of SOLS. The SOLS plant’s currently processing roughly 220,000 lbs. (99,790 kg.) per week to meet a growing demand for linens and garments from the hospitals and outpatient facilities that the co-op serves.  Casillas credits the success of the business to two things, investing in employees and production plant innovations. In February 2023, SOLS invested in the installation of the Gurtler Vis-Tex UV System to help with quality and hygiene in their healthcare laundry. “This system uses UV light and an Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) to treat press water for improved cleanliness and stain removal.” Casillas described the new tunnel and the Vis-Tex UV technology as an “ideal combination for the plant”, which also gets it chemicals from Gurtler as well. “It was a full circle, perfect marriage, because the linen coming out of the tunnel is bright white,” he says. In addition to “whiter whites,” Casillas like the fact the UV Advanced Oxidation Process allows for more water reuse, plus savings on natural gas. “It’s carrying over the heat that it’s reclaiming, which in turn lets you keep your drying times to a minimum.” These innovations have helped lower the plant’s water usage rate to an average of .52 gallons per lb., Casillas says.” By Jack Morgan, Senior Editor, Textile Services (Excerpted from Textile Services, Volume 107, Issue 6, February 2024)