“Gurtler Industries helps keep our stain numbers in check, our costs as low as possible and drives our water consumption below industry standards,” says Ed McCauley, President and CEO of United Hospital Services. “In fact, our water consumption is down 15% over last year due to Gurtler’s innovative approach to tunnel systems set up. Gurtler representatives are the most knowledgeable in the industry. We track things such as stain percentages and even the types of stains that make up the stain percentage. Our Gurtler representative helps us identify stain types and offers effective solutions, whether it’s altering formulations or adding different chemicals.
We operate at a very high level in this area, and we have our Gurtler representative to thank for creating the proper environment to identify and reduce staining.”
added McCauley.

– Ed McCauley, President & CEO, United Hospital Services, LLC

Customers across the nation know that when it comes to tunnel washing systems…Gurtler has the vision.