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Gurtler’s Proven, Eco-Friendly Low-Alkaline Technology has Outstanding Results in Food & Beverage Laundry.

Gurtler’s Work•Clean Team’s advanced technology in liquid laundry chemicals delivers outstanding results with whiter and brighter linens. This specialty detergent combination utilizes advanced multi-surfactant technology to penetrate, lift and emulsify tough food soils, and the low-alkaline washing promotes textile longevity. Plus, the Work•Clean Team improves production efficiency for a bonus benefit! F & B CASE STUDY 1: Crown Linen Services, Columbia, IL: “Gurtler’s Work•Clean technology is fantastic! We have documented major improvements in productivity and a reduction of water usage since the previous competitor’s version of low-alkaline, high-surfactant technology was replaced by Gurtler’s Work•Clean Team. We’ve documented an 8.1% increase in productivity, 12.5% reduction in water usage, and 29.9% improvement in gas usage. Additionally, I’m very impressed that Gurtler is constantly looking at new areas of innovation to improve our operation. The service we receive from Gurtler is a 10 out of 10!” – Frank Gagne, VP Operations, Crown Linen Services, Inc. Columbia, IL
F & B CASE STUDY 2: Large metropolitan F&B linen plant wanted to reduce alkali use to achieve effluent pH guidelines. After switching to Work•Smart and Work•Clean they were able to reduce alkali usage by 50% meeting their effluent pH goals. Plus, they saved 13% in washroom production time, reduced water and energy usage significantly, and reduced chemical costs by almost 10%. And the quality was improved; the owner said of the white napkin results, “the nicest looking loads I have seen in a long time!”
F & B CASE STUDY 3: A large southeastern F&B plant, processing 65,000 lbs. per day through nine Ellis 900 lb. washers wanted to save processing time and eliminate overtime on the wash aisle. After converting to the Work•Clean Team low alkaline chemical products the laundry reports that they reduced processing time by 24%, and now their daily wash aisle work is done in seven hours or less. In addition, after comparing 3 million pounds of processing, they have experienced a 25% savings in water usage, 22% savings in natural gas usage, and a 19% decrease in electricity usage.

Your customers will work best when their kitchen uniforms and napery are deep cleaned with the Work•Clean Team!

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