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Gurtler’s Proven, Eco-Friendly Low-Alkaline Technology has Outstanding Results in Industrial Uniform Laundry.

Gurtler’s Work•Clean Team’s advanced technology in liquid laundry chemicals are proven to perform on the toughest industrial soils. This specialty detergent utilizes advanced multi-surfactant technology to penetrate, lift and emulsify the toughest greasy soils, and the low-alkaline washing promotes textile longevity. Plus, the Work•Clean Team improves production efficiency for a bonus benefit! UNIFORM CASE STUDY 1: An industrial, mixed plant processing uniforms, food service garments and bulk items wished to lower the use of caustic/alkaline builder and reduce the acid treatment in the effluent stream. Gurtler successfully introduced the Work•Clean Team technology, reducing the use of alkali by two-thirds, 67%. The acid injection to the effluent stream was reduced to zero. Plus, the quality/cleanliness of the bulk items, including bar towels and industrial towels significantly increased.
UNIFORM CASE STUDY 2: A Mid-East industrial uniform laundry wanted to improve their wash aisle productivity and reduce overtime. Their five 400 lb. washers were running 9+hours per day producing over 180,000 lbs. per week. The Work•Clean Team of low alkaline specialty chemistry allowed them to cut wash aisle time by 17%, cutting 1.5 hours of wash time from each washer, every day. Plus, the use of alkali was cut by 50%. Quality was maintained and water savings and energy savings were additional benefits.

Your customers will work best when their uniforms and shop towels are deep cleaned with the Work•Clean Team!

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