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The TRSA Production Summit & Plant Tours series, has returned!

Gurtler’s customer, UniFirst in Hammond, IN was one of the facilities highlighted on the recent TRSA Production Summit Plant Tour. The UniFirst plant, opened last summer, has an eye on the “greener” side of operations, supporting greater energy efficiencies through numerous investments including all cleaning formulas and detergents that are described as 100% environmentally friendly. Gurtler is proud to be an integral part of the overall operation of the plant, supplying our latest generation of specialty chemicals and our exclusive Vis-Tex Central dispensing technology.

Pictured (left to right) are Jake Gurtler, VP Corporate Accounts, Gurtler Industries; Paul Brady, Regional Vice President, Unifirst; Michael Croatti, Executive Vice President, Unifirst; and Greg Gurtler, President, Gurtler Industries.

Gurtler Forms Logistics Group

Gurtler Industries is pleased to announce the formation of Gurtler Logistics, a fully owned and operated division of the company. Gurtler Logistics is dedicated to providing product-delivery services to our customers. Over the last few years, our industry has experienced increased challenges with delivery services due to the availability of appropriate trucks and drivers. To meet these challenges, Gurtler has invested in our own fleet of semi-tractor/trailers and bulk tankers and hired our own staff of fully qualified drivers. Greg Gurtler, President of Gurtler Industries, explains, “The formation of our Logistics unit will allow us to better control our delivery services, keeping our promise of on-time delivery. Plus, our customers will benefit from having a Gurtler employee on site for personalized delivery service.”

Brett Jasik, who has joined Gurtler as our Director of Logistics, USA, will manage our fleet. Brett foresees numerous benefits as we expand across the nation: “As the United States continues to struggle with supply chain and driver shortages, we face continued increases in delivery costs. Having our own drivers and trucks gives us better control over costs and ensures more efficient delivery to our customers.”

As we roll-out our delivery service from our Chicago production headquarters, Gurtler plans on expanding its fleet. In addition to semis for delivering packaged goods, we have invested in tanker trucks that will each be able to deliver up to 4000 gallons of bulk liquid laundry specialty chemicals. As Brett explains, “in the next few years we aim to handle delivery of 75% of our packaged goods and 90% of our bulk chemical products.”

Our tankers will not only deliver our products; they will also be able to pick up liquid raw materials in bulk and bring them to our plant to support production and help eliminate issues with timely delivery. Additionally, our expanded fleet will be able to pick up empty 220- or 330-gallon chemical totes and 55-gallon drums and return them for recycling.

Greg Gurtler is encouraged by the early response to these initiatives: “Our customers say they appreciate our continued commitment to being a value-added partner. Plus, I have been told that they see this as another example of how Gurtler reacts to problems and implements solutions. Keep your eyes peeled to spot a Gurtler Industries truck on the road to a valued customer!”


Gurtler Industries continues to support the professional laundry industry through participation in industry associations. Last month, Steven Tinker, Gurtler’s Senior VP of R&D and Marketing, attended the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) Legislative Conference in Alexandria, VA. The key issues discussed included a proposed requirement for healthcare facilities to maintain an inventory of reusable PPE, such as isolation gowns, of at least 50% or their requirements. This would help prevent future shortages of critical healthcare workers’ PPE, similar to what we experienced during the initial months of the Covid-19 pandemic. The members also proposed that the federal government require all healthcare facilities to provide industrial laundered, hygienically clean healthcare uniforms and scrubs for staff to change into before and after each shift, preventing the public health issues associated healthcare staff travelling to and from work in potentially contaminated uniforms or scrubs. Steve attended meetings on Capitol Hill at the office of Amy Klobuchar, U.S. Senator from Minnesota, and other Representative offices to review these important industry issues with congressional staff.

In addition to Steve’s lobbying efforts, he also participated in the TRSA Healthcare Committee meeting held at the same event. The Healthcare Committee has several projects and programs in progress, including development of the agenda for the annual TRSA Healthcare Conference to be held in November. Another initiative is focused on developing a marketing and communications effort that will promote the use of professional laundry services for the long-term care market.

Gurtler Industries is committed to supporting our industry through our participation in industry associations like TRSA.

Rick Woods Earns TRSA’s 2022 Above and Beyond Service Award

Last month at the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) Annual Awards banquet held in Alexandria, VA, Rick Woods of Gurtler Industries was awarded their 2022 Above and Beyond Service Award. The award is voted by TRSA peers and honors those who provide exceptional attention to customer needs, who set a high standard for others to follow.

As part of Gurtler Industries ISO Quality Management program, we survey our customers every year to evaluate the quality of our products, delivery, and service. Over the last six years Gurtler’s quality performance ratings from our customers have steadily improved. Although our performance has always been superior, over the last few years Gurtler has improved to an overall rating of 95.2 (out of 100), or an A+ grade. We are especially proud of our almost perfect Service Quality rating of 98.4 from our customers.

Rick Woods, who manages Gurtler’s Midwest & Mountain West regions, stands out among the “Best of the Best” as one who provides service above and beyond expectations, consistently earning ratings of 100 from his customers. Here are a few quotes from his customers:

Jenn Johnson, Tucson Medical Center: Rick is such a genuine human!  I enjoy talking to him every time he comes in.   I can always count on him.  Several times I have called him when I am out of town, and he will call my staff on duty to help walk them through an issue.   He’s pretty great!

Jake Olah, Excel Linen, Kansas City: Rick is my top best Vendor. Rick has showed me so much over my years. Excel follows Rick not the chemical supplier. Several times I have called Rick with a serious issue he has been in Texas or wherever he might be. Rick would drive all night long and be here for Excel next day 5 am ready to dig in and assist. Rick is the GOAT for me, Greatest Of All Time! Rick Woods will always forever be a true hero in this industry. He is the definition of “whatever it takes.”

Michel Whittet, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, Textile Operations Manager, New Mexico VA Health Care System: Rick Woods has gone beyond any expectation to aid in my facility servicing the veterans of two Veterans Affairs Medical Centers in New Mexico and West Texas. Rick does not hesitate to take my calls when I have questions and works towards solutions when issues arise. When Rick is onsite for his regular service calls, he insures all of the points in the chemical delivery system are in top condition. We are just completing the installation of replacement washers and as expected, things have not gone smoothly on our end. While our Engineering Department did not have the washers ready for Rick’s slotted time to program and test the washers, Rick adjusted his schedule a much as possible to not affect the next customer in Phoenix…I know Rick will do everything he can to assist me if there are any chemical or programming issues that come up that would have been addressed had we been able test the washers.

Michael Lutz, American Linen Supply of NM: His unwavering support for the industry and for Gurtler as a company is beyond compare in the industry. I have had many competitors over the years try to sway my decision on who we use, and I always tell them, unless you have Rick Woods, you'll never have my business. Specifically, this last year he and I were discussing Hygienically Clean Certification and he took it upon himself to grab samples while testing to send the products to a lab for testing to make sure we were all good in that arena. We passed with flying colors. I've never had a rep with a higher level of commitment and interaction with our teams.

Besides serving our customers, Rick is responsible for training and managing his team in the Midwest and Mountain regions. He is instilling his commitment to service excellence in his entire team. Congratulations to Rick for this recognition. It is well deserved!

Steve Tinker is Awarded TRSA’s Highest Recognition: Lifetime Achievement Award

Steve Tinker (center) presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award by TRSA Chair Noël Hammer Richardson (left) and TRSA President and CEO Joseph Ricci (right).

Steve Tinker, Gurtler’s Sr. Vice President of Research & Development and Marketing was recognized at the Textile Rental Services Association (TRSA) annual conference held in Carlsbad, CA last month. The TRSA Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor bestowed upon a Supplier Partner. It recognizes those who have served TRSA over their careers in ways that have improved the association and industry.

At the Awards Dinner, TRSA Chair Noël Hammer Richardson reviewed Steve’s contributions to TRSA and the industry over his career: “Steve Tinker is receiving the TRSA Maglin-Biggie Lifetime Achievement Award on the strength of 50 years’ experience in our industry as a product development scientist and marketing executive. One of those years—1998—stands out as pivotal to his industry leadership. That’s when his magazine article, “Do We Need Standards,” was awarded the 1998 Best Article of the Year by TRSA. This article laid out the rationale for the development of laundry standards that have become so important today to our industry for serving hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

“This placed Steve at the forefront of uniting laundry professionals, healthcare administrators, end-users and government officials to collaborate on best practices for processing healthcare textiles. These practices would become the foundation of TRSA’s creation of the HLAC and Hygienically Clean certifications. Steve worked to ensure standards would be developed by a panel of industry experts with input from these other stakeholders. The standards would provide for an inspection and accreditation process for laundries to be recognized for compliance on a voluntary basis.

“Steve was a founding member of TRSA’s Healthcare Committee and continues to serve on this committee, supporting the annual TRSA Healthcare Conference. In 2012-2014, he chaired the TRSA Education Committee. Over the years Steve has been a key presenter at industry seminars such as the TRSA Healthcare Conference. He has published numerous articles on a wide variety of laundering technology in industry publications over the years, such as Textile Services, Industrial Launderer, Laundry Today and American Laundry News. Another of his Textile Services articles, “Primer: Healthcare Laundering Considerations,” was an important guide to key practices that healthcare launderers need to follow.

“Steve launched his career in 1970 as a product development scientist at Ecolab in St. Paul, rising to marketing director of the Textile Care division. In 2002, he joined Gurtler Industries of South Holland, Illinois as vice president of research and development and is currently senior VP for R&D and marketing.

“His management and development of marketing and sales support platforms has created Gurtler’s website, sales support literature, advertising campaigns, trade show presentations and publicity. Gurtler’s advertising program, under Steve’s direction, earned recognition in 2013 from Textile Services as the most effective and memorable.

“In R&D, Steve and his team were responsible for Gurtler’s ISO 9001 certification for quality management. They introduced products for the healthcare and industrial markets, respectively, as well as an environmentally responsible chemistry line that helps laundry operations become more energy efficient, conserve resources and have a lower environmental impact. The team also developed patented technology to address stains from the skin sanitizer Hibiclens or CHG, chlorhexidine gluconate. Use of this prewash eliminates the development of permanently brown-stained textiles, allowing laundries to safely use chlorine bleach as an anti-microbial agent.

“Steve’s industry credits also include his service to HLAC and ARTA. Whether he works on behalf of all of us, develops or improves products, assures quality, or supports field technical service, Steve’s can-do attitude is infectious.”

Joe Valdez Earns TRSA Above and Beyond Service Award

Joe Valdez, Gurtler District Manager, West Coast was recognized by the Textile Rental Service Association (TRSA) for his superior service performance at the TRSA Annual Conference held in Carlsbad, CA last month. The Above and Beyond Service Award recognizes those who exceed the levels of good service and set a higher standard for others to follow. The photo shows Joe Valdez (center) with TRSA Chair Noël Hammer Richardson (left) and TRSA President and CEO Joseph Ricci (right) as he received his award.

TRSA recognizes that customer service is critical to the success of a company. As part of Gurtler’s ISO Quality Management program, we survey our customers every year to evaluate the quality of our products, delivery and service. Over the last six years Gurtler’s quality performance ratings from our customers have steadily improved. Although our performance has always been superior Gurtler has improved to an overall rating of 95.2, or an A-plus grade. Gurtler especially proud of our Service Quality rating of 98.4 from our customers.

Joe Valdez who serves the Pacific Northwest region stands out among the “Best of the Best” as one who provides service above and beyond expectations. Here are a few quotes from his customers:

Brian Fell: Washington Hospital: “Joe Valdez is the best chemical rep I have ever had. He goes above and beyond.”

Gordon Hickman, Advance Linen Service: “You are lucky you have one of the best service technicians in the industry in Joe Valdez.”

Greg Adams, Plant Manager, Oregon Linen: “On a score of 1 to 5, I give Joe Valdez a 10! I have worked for Oregon Linen Inc. for over 36 years and in that time, Joe Valdez is by far the best Chemical rep we have ever had. Joe is not only extremely knowledgeable, hardworking, conscientious, and reliable, but he really seems to care, not only about his job, but more importantly, for us and the success of Oregon Linen. We know we are not Joe’s biggest account, but he makes us feel like we are his only account. These are trying times when it comes to finding people that want to work, let alone great people that overachieve. I hope you realize what an exceptional employee you have in Joe Valdez. To us Joe is Gurtler!”

Congratulations to Joe from the entire Gurtler Team. You are setting the standard, above and beyond!

Gurtler Industries Introduces Disinfectant Mint D-3: Disinfects in 3 minutes or less!

SOUTH HOLLAND, IL. — Gurtler Industries is pleased to announce the development of Mint D-3, a new concentrated, one-step, hospital-use disinfectant that is effective against pathogenic bacteria and viruses in 3 minutes or less. Mint D-3 is the fastest acting, EPA registered, all-pupose quaternary cleaner-disinfectant on the market. Mint D-3 reflects Gurtler’s dedication to innovation through the continual evaluation and improvement of its products.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Gurtler family and its team of research experts and application technologists have worked tirelessly to create breakthrough laundering and sanitation products and processes ideal for use in institutional healthcare settings. Mint D-3 meets the HLAC Accreditation Standard Requirement: EPA-registered hospital- grade disinfectant effective against HIV and HBV.

When used as directed, Mint D-3 works against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. It also inhibits growth of mold and mildew and the odors they produce. Mint D-3 is effective against the following pathogens and more:*

Bacteria (Sanitizes in 15 seconds)

  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Staphylococcus aureus–Methicillin resistant (MRSA)
  • Klebsiella pneumoniae
  • Enterobacter aerogenes
  • Listeria monocytogenes

Viruses (in 60 seconds)

  • SARS-Related Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2)—cause of COVID-19
  • Human Immunodeficiency Virus 1 (HIV-1)
  • Influenza Type A/H3N22
  • Hepatitus B Virus (HBV) (3 minute contact time)

A potent fungicide for locker rooms, dressing rooms, shower and bath areas, and exercise areas.

*See product label or Product Data Sheet for the complete list of 48 organisms, use directions, and recommended exposure times.

Mint D-3 is formulated for use in daily maintenance programs with a balance of detergents and malodor counteractants that deliver effective cleaning, disinfecting, and odor control. Intended for washable hard, non-porous, non-food surfaces, Mint D-3 is an ideal detergent/sanitizer/disinfectant for Critical Control Points in healthcare laundry operations such as

  • laundry-cart washing systems
  • linen conveyor belts
  • outer-door surfaces of washers/extractors
  • inside surfaces of linen delivery vehicles
  • employee break rooms, lunchrooms, door handles
  • restrooms, locker rooms, and more

Gurtler also provides automatic dilution systems that can prepare the proper dilution of Mint D-3 for mop pails or for spray bottles.

As experts in the manufacture of advanced detergents, specialty chemicals, and injection systems, Gurtler supports the entire spectrum of the laundry industry, including healthcare, hospitality, industrial uniforms, shirt laundries and textile rentals. A family-owned company now in its third generation, Gurtler maintains a proud tradition of excellence, innovation, and service.

About Gurtler
Gurtler Industries is a leading manufacturer of advanced detergents, specialty chemicals and injection systems for the commercial laundry industry. From its headquarters and research center in suburban Chicago, Gurtler supports the entire spectrum of industry segments worldwide, including healthcare, hospitality, industrial uniforms, shirt laundries and textile rentals. Gurtler is a family company now in its third generation, maintaining its tradition of excellence, innovation and service. For more information, contact Gurtler Industries at 18006387300 or visit

Gurtler Industries and OMNI Solutions Enter Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Gurtler Industries and OMNI Solutions announced this week an agreement that allows Gurtler exclusive distribution rights for OMNI’s SULAOS tunnel washer, Smart Ultraviolet Light Advanced Oxidation System, throughout North America and Australia.

OMNI Solutions’ SULAOS is designed for today’s modern tunnel washing systems. SULAOS treats press water with a combination of potent oxidizers and ultraviolet light and returns the treated water to the rinse zone, virtually eliminating organic contaminants, which allows the SULAOS system to provide reduced microbial contamination in the rinse zone.  Andrew Rupnow, chairman and CEO of OMNI Solutions noted, “OMNI is excited to partner with Gurtler, a leader in innovation in the laundry market. Their team of experienced service specialists will be instrumental in delivering a proven patented microbial reduction solution multifaceted to the tunnel washer market.”

Gurtler is a producer of specialty laundry chemicals providing expert service to all segments of the commercial and professional laundry industry across North America and Australia. Known as a leader in the healthcare and tunnel washer laundry processing market, Gurtler recognized the potential benefits of the OMNI SULAOS technology. Greg Gurtler, president of Gurtler Industries said, “We are very pleased that we have entered into this exclusive agreement with OMNI. The SULAOS technology provides a unique benefit for the industry and our team of experienced service specialists are excited to introduce the system to the market.”

Greg Gurtler says, “This agreement allows us to deepen our innovative offerings for the healthcare laundry market.” The Gurtler–OMNI agreement will create synergistic benefits for both companies and their customers. OMNI customers will benefit with additional expert service consultation from Gurtler’s service force. Gurtler customers will have easier access to the unique capabilities and benefits from the SULAOS technology.

To learn more about SULAOS go to

Gurtler’s ISO Certification is Renewed

Gurtler Industries is pleased to announce that our Quality Management System (QMS) has been officially recognized as ISO 9001:2015 Certified. In January of 2021, Gurtler was recertified according to the updated Standard. Our certification is effective for three years, through January 21, 2024.

Being ISO certified is a major milestone in Gurtler’s commitment to quality. When Bill Gurtler established the company, he had an overriding philosophy that the Gurtler name would stand for top quality laundry chemicals and service. And, as we enter our 40 th anniversary year, this certification demonstrates our continued adherence to that philosophy.

Being ISO certified has numerous benefits to Gurtler’s customers. The ISO process focuses our team on developing shorter order lead times, higher delivery reliability, speedier response times, and consistently high quality services and products. We also are more efficient and competitive in meeting the demands of today’s marketplace.

Over the last six years Gurtler’s quality performance ratings from our customers have steadily improved in all these areas. Although our performance has always been superior, with a 2014 overall rating of 90.4 (on a scale of 0-100), or a grade of A; in 2020 Gurtler improved to an overall rating of 95.2, or an A-plus grade. We are especially proud of our Service quality rating of 98.4 from our customers.

The QMS allows the Gurtler team to focus on quality goals that are set annually by Gurtler upper management. Data is developed continually to evaluate progress to versus the goals. Well defined and documented procedures improve the consistency of our products. Quality is constantly measured, and corrective action is taken immediately if needed. The concept of doing it right the first time, every time, results in more efficient operation and happy customers.

Gurtler Industries Celebrates 40th Year of Laundry Innovation

SOUTH HOLLAND, IL. — At a time when experience matters most, the three active generations of the Gurtler family are pleased to celebrate their 40th year in business. From its beginning as a small family-owned business serving the Midwest, Gurtler Industries has grown into an international leader within the commercial laundry industry, now serving customers throughout North America, the Caribbean, Central America, and Australia.

Founded by William Gurtler in 1982, who remains active as Chairman, the company tradition of excellence continues through son Greg Gurtler, President and CEO, and his son Jake Gurtler, Vice President. This past year, as the COVID-19 pandemic reverberated throughout the laundry industry, the Gurtler family and their team of research chemists and application technologists created breakthrough products and programs to benefit commercial laundry operations worldwide. “We are proud of the quality driven, customer service focus that we established in 1982 and how that that corporate commitment has built a leader in the laundry chemical industry,” says Bill Gurtler.

This long-standing commitment to industry leadership was first articulated by Bill Gurtler as The Gurtler Advantage, a credo that continues to guide the company culture today. There are three pillars:

Service: always delivering on commitments and having the customer’s best interests in mind.

Innovation: continually embracing innovative ideas that enhance the laundry industry and exceed customer expectations.

People: investing in the industry’s best laundry chemical representatives to provide unparalleled customer service.

“The Gurtler Advantage is evident in every level of our organization,” says Greg Gurtler. “As a family-operated business, we believe in treating all people — our employees, customers and suppliers alike — with the utmost respect and appreciation. We intend to continue setting the industry standard of excellence for our next 40 years and beyond.” Bill Gurtler adds, “It is gratifying to see how that appreciation and respect has been the formula for our success.”

Over the decades, Gurtler’s headquarters and research center has grown to more than 100,000 square feet of space. The company now has more than 120 employees, including both domestic and overseas staff.

“We are deeply grateful to all our partners who have contributed to our success,” says Greg Gurtler. “As we continue to expand with new products, into new markets, we will always strive to offer industry-leading solutions that deliver the best possible results at the lowest possible cost.”

About Gurtler

Gurtler Industries is a leading manufacturer of advanced detergents, specialty chemicals and injection systems for the commercial laundry industry. From its headquarters and research center in suburban Chicago, Gurtler supports the entire spectrum of the laundry industry, including healthcare, hospitality, industrial uniforms, shirt laundries and textile rentals. Gurtler is a family company now in its third generation, maintaining its tradition of excellence, innovation, and service.