Healthcare Linen Service Group

“We Trust Gurtler!”

“Gurtler Industries is a strategic partner with HLSG as we continue to provide exceptional service and support to our customers and employees. We trust Gurtler to be with us every step of the way as we develop new opportunities for growth. Gurtler’s service, innovation and people are unmatched in our industry as they deliver the best possible quality while maintaining efficiencies, controlling productivity, and managing water and energy usage.”

– Joe LaPorta, President and CEO, Healthcare Linen Service Group St. Charles, IL

Gurtler is proud to be a partner with Healthcare Linen Service Group. HLSG currently operates 20 state-of-the-art laundry processing facilities in 19 states, delivering over 300 million pounds of assorted quality linens into both the healthcare and hospitality markets.  

WM Uniform

“There is No Better Partner!”

“Gurtler is a trusted partner with WM Uniform. Doing business with another family-run and operated business that shares our values and understands our challenges is a big plus. Their commitment to quality service and innovative technology helps WM Uniform excel. Gurtler’s Work•Clean Team of products has reduced our wash formula run times, improving productivity, saved water and energy, all while maintaining our high quality standards. There is no better partner!”

– Steven Van Tuinen, VP of Operations

Gurtler is proud to be a trusted partner with WM Uniform. WM Uniform is in their 3rd generation of ownership and services a large part of Michigan, providing “No Contract” uniform rental services, mat and towel rental and restroom products, plus custom logo apparel programs.

Wildman Uniform


Gurtler Industries and Wildman Uniform – Two family businesses working and growing together

As a family-run business serving the uniform rental market in Indiana, three generations have been involved with the growth and success of Wildman Uniform. Gurtler has been a valuable partner to Wildman in this highly competitive market. Like Gurtler, Wildman relies on their knowledge and expertise to keep and ahead of the competition. “Helping Wildman find ways to conserve energy, save water and still produce top quality garments will not only help them grow in the future – but benefit Gurtler as well,” says Greg Gurtler, President of Gurtler Industries.

Doing business with another family-owned company that shares our values…

“Doing business with another family-owned company that shares our values and commitment to customer relationships and excellence in service and products has been the perfect partnership for Wildman. We have remained not only business partners for over 20 years, but we consider Gurtler part of our family.” – Josh Wildman, CEO, Wildman

Gurtler’s innovative Work•Clean Team chemical program has added value to our business…

“Gurtler’s innovative Work•Clean Team chemical program has enhanced our cleanliness and quality of finish, while delivering reduced costs in water and energy, improved wash turn time, and increased productivity.” – Drew Scholl, VP of Operations, Wildman  

Gurtler is proud to be a trusted partner with Wildman. Founded in 1952, Wildman has been providing industrial laundry, uniform and rental services throughout the state of Indiana and beyond.


Gallagher Uniform


“It’s not just about the bottom line, it’s about the partnership, trust and understanding the challenges we face in this industry. Partnering with another multi-generational, family-owned company like Gurtler reassures us that our concerns and vision for innovation are being met, along with a commitment to improving our wash programs and energy-savings.” – John Gallagher President Gallagher Uniform Battle Creek, Michigan

  Gurtler is proud to be a trusted partner with Gallagher Uniform. Established in 1893, Gallagher Uniform has been providing specialized and innovative uniform programs throughout Michigan and northern Indiana. The current management team is the 5th generation of the Gallagher family!
The Gallagher Family, Gallagher Uniform, Battle Creek, Michigan

Abracadabra…Gurtler offers up a “Magical” experience to Magic Laundry Services!

  “We appreciate Gurtler’s commitment to personalized service and the added benefits of collaborating with a family-held and operated company. We rely on Gurtler’s unmatched expertise, specialty laundry chemicals and innovative technical support to deliver outstanding results. Since bringing Gurtler on-line, our quality has improved significantly and we are enjoying the reduced energy benefits of Gurtler’s synergistic bleaching technology and at the same time our whites have never been brighter!” – Harry Kertenian CFO of Magic Laundry Services
“Gurtler’s integrated Vis-Tex dispensing and data management system provides real-time productivity monitoring that help us operate at peak efficiency. Gurtler has been a good partner to work with and together we continue to achieve higher standards and significant savings in our chemical cost.” – Garo Jekmeian General Manager
Gurtler is proud to be a trusted partner with Magic Laundry Services, one of the largest independently owned hospitality linen operations in the country located in southern California.

“I Trust Gurtler!”

  …says Scott Sadlier, Senior Director of Laundry Services for AdventHealth Laundry (formerly Florida Hospital Laundry) in the Orlando area. Their three tunnels, processing over 36 million pounds a year, are served with Gurtler’s proven chemistry and dispensing technology, combined with our newest innovation, our Vis-Tex Tunnel Filtration System. Scott also tells us: “Gurtler has helped us reduce our stain counts by 36%. Since switching to Gurtler our customer service score on quality has increased 31%. That reflects on our great partnership and our shared focus on meeting our customer’s needs. You couldn’t ask for a better service team; Gurtler has a commitment from the top down. Greg Gurtler is committed to ensuring his team provides excellent service!” Gurtler is proud to be a trusted partner with AdventHealth Laundry, one of the largest processors of healthcare textiles in northern Florida.

Greg Gurtler, President of Gurtler Industries, (right) with long-time customer, David Stern, (left) President & CEO, Paris Companies, Dubois, PA and Ravenna, OH.

Paris Companies


Gurtler is working harder so you don’t have to.

Our laundry service facility runs on very demanding schedules. We can’t afford costly downtime. The consistent and reliable performance of Gurtler products and service helps us attain our production goals and remain profitable. – David Stern President & CEO, Paris Companies

Greg Jeltema, President and Co-Owner, Valley City Linen, Grand Rapids, MI

Valley City Linen


Gurtler Quality, Savings and Service Pay Off at Valley City Linen!

Greg Jeltema says: At Valley City Linen, we value the long-term commitment and relationship we have with Gurtler. Their service is unmatched. We installed our new tunnel and Gurtler set it up so that we cut our water usage in half, increased our transfers per hour by 25% and maintained our quality. Valley City is a major supplier of textiles to the restaurant markets across Michigan. With one tunnel and six large washer-extractors, their volume is significant. They depend on Gurtler to make sure that their operations are running smoothly with accurate and reliable liquid chemical dispensing systems and chemical products that maintain their high standards of quality. Jeltema says further, As a family-owned and operated business, Valley City values relationships, and Gurtler fits in with our way of doing business. Their commitment to the customer and service makes them stand out.

United Hospital Services


“Gurtler laundry chemical products offer maximum stain control efficiency for our tunnel washers.” – Ed McCauley President & CEO, United Hospital Services

  “Gurtler Industries helps keep our stain numbers in check, our costs as low as possible and drives our water consumption below industry standards,” says Ed McCauley, President and CEO of United Hospital Services. “In fact our water consumption is down 15% over last year due to Gurtler’s innovative approach to tunnel systems set up. Gurtler representatives are the most knowledgeable in the industry. We track things such as stain percentages and even the types of stains that make up the stain percentage. Our Gurtler representative helps us identify stain types and offers effective solutions, whether it’s altering formulations or adding different chemicals.” “We operate at a very high level in this area and we have our Gurtler representative to thank for creating the proper environment to identify and reduce staining,” added McCauley. Customers across the nation know that when it comes to tunnel washing systems…Gurtler has the vision.
Ed McCauley, President & CEO, United Hospital Services, LLC, Indianapolis, IN

Scott Reppert, President & CEO, Superior Health Linens, LLC. Madison, WI; Milwaukee, WI; and Chicago, IL

Superior Health Linens


Scott Reppert says: “Gurtler has done a great job from day one to convert our plants and dramatically improve our results in several key areas.”

“Gurtler’s laundry chemical products, service and technology have increased our quality. Our customers rave about our textiles brightness and overall appearance. Gurtler has helped us maintain fabric integrity while keeping our rewash rates at all-time lows,” said Reppert. “The result of our partnership with Gurtler is that our customers continue to receive the highest quality and that SHL is able to maintain a competitive advantage in a tough industry,” added Reppert. At Gurtler we understand all of the tunnel washing technology on the market today. Our goal is not only to keep up with the latest tunnel washing technology, but to provide solid customer support and to create some of the industries most advanced laundry chemicals, programs and injection systems available in the commercial laundry business.

Hamilton Linen & Uniform


Laundry Chemical Savings Exceed $140,000 Annually at Hamilton Linen & Uniform

Hamilton Linen & Uniform in Denver, CO, is part of Faultless Linen Company in Kansas City, MO. They are a linen supply operation with additional focus on the healthcare and dust control markets. General Manager, John Spence, Jr. Says: “Since bringing Gurtler on-line, quality and consistency exceeds our standards. Plus we have experienced significant savings in our chemical cost. It’s the best of all possible worlds!” Nancy McGinnis, Operations Manager, adds: Gurtler has greatly improved our productivity with shorter wash formulas and increased load sizes. Rewash has been cut in half. Gurtler Experts were instrumental in getting Hamilton’s water reuse system running at peak effectiveness without impacting quality.
John S Spence, Jr, General Manager and Nancy McGinnis, Operations Manager, Hamilton Linen and Uniform, Denver, CO

Rick Kislia, Chief Operating Officer, Crescent Laundry, Inc., Davenport, IA

Crescent Laundry

  “Gurtler Industries laundry chemical products offer maximum efficiency for our tunnel washers. Gurtler has a broad base of expertise in tunnel washing systems and how to make them perform at peak efficiency,” says Rick Kislia, COO of Crescent laundry. “From the top on down, the Gurtler team is tuned to our industry and our needs. Our quality has improved significantly with Gurtler’s program” and their expertise goes beyond chemistry. Gurtler’s new technology reduces water and energy usage in our tunnel washers, helps manage our costs and reduces our environmental impact. At Gurtler, our goal is not only to keep up with the latest tunnel washing technology, but to provide solid customer support and to create some of the industries most advanced laundry chemicals, programs and injection systems available in the commercial laundry business.

Associated Hospital Services


“I trust Gurtler’s professional and personal service; their expertise and technical support is unmatched!” – Jennifer Elsenohn President & CEO, Associated Hospital Services, Inc.

  “Not only has Gurtler worked with us to achieve 30-40% savings in energy and water with our new tunnel…they have also helped in taking the consistency and quality of our finished product to the next level,” said Elsenohn. Gurtler products, programs and technology can help you get maximum efficiency out of our tunnel washer systems. Our tunnel washing experts can work with you and recommend the right formulations and systems for your operation because we understand all of the tunnel washing technology on the market today. At Gurtler we provide solid customer service and support and we develop and create some of the most advanced laundry chemicals, programs and injection systems available in the commercial laundry business. When it comes to tunnel washers, Gurtler has the experts… Products – Programs – Technology Gurtler… The Laundry Chemical Product Experts, Family-Owned & Customer Driven!
Associated Hospital Services, Inc., Jennifer Eisensohn, President & CEO, New Orleans, LA